IET Helpdesk

IET Services will always try to solve problems in the shortest time possible. The majority of requests will be answered in much less time than the maximum listed below. The following are the maximum time commitments and may vary depending on the nature of the request.

Priority Classification Description Response Time Resolution Time
EmergencyWide-Spread (department, division, building, campus) outage of network, email, internet, Admin Software, etc. 15 Minutes Depends on Problem (As soon as feasibly possibly)
UrgentIndividual Outage of critical service, Wide-Spread degradation of Services,Critical Upgrade or Enhancement 1 Hour 8 Hours
PressingIndividual degradation of service for critical application, Creation of New Accounts 6 Hours 32 Hours
NormalGeneral Requests, Individual outage/degradation of non-critical service/application, Problems that do not prohibit use of services in a normal matter, Information Request 8 Hours 120 Hours (5 Days)
LowNew PC Installations, Classified by user as low priority, Internal requests of a non-critical nature 48 hours 240 Hours (10 Days)
10 Short-Term ProjectProject that can be completed in approximately one month 48 Hours
11 Long-Term ProjectProject that can be completed in approximately six months 72 Hours
12 Extended ProjectProject that can be completed in approximately one year 72 Hours
Unless otherwise specified, or Help Desk staff determines that problem needs to be escalated, the default Priority for all tickets is 4 (Normal).

Other Time Constraints

  • Pickup obsolete equipment from office: 120 Hours (5 Business Days)
  • Request for software media: 72 Hours

Escalation of Problem Requests

If you feel that your request is not handled appropriately, please contact one of the following people:

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday from 8:00AM until 4:30PM.