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Voice Mail Instructions

Published: Feb 19, 2014

You can access your voice mail from any telephone. You can record and store multiple greetings that can be activated when needed. You can also retrieve messages from on or off campus. The system has voice prompts to help you access different features. However, if you know the next command number (option), you do not have to wait for the voice prompt to access that area; simply enter the numbers as indicated below. The most common features are described below.

The following commands may be helpful: * 7 = return to activity menu; * 4 = help.

To Set Up Your Voicemail Box:

The first time you log in to Audix, you will be asked to change your password to something at least 5 digits (characters). The initial password will be included in the letter that provides other account information for you.
  1. Access Audix
    1. Dial extension 4400 (from off campus dial 427-4400)
    2. Enter your extension number and the # sign (from your office, you can simply hit #)
    3. Enter your Audix password and the # sign
    4. You are now at the activity menu
  2. [Items 2 and 3 only have to be done once, but can be updated as often as you like.]

  3. To record your name: (This recording is heard anytime you leave a message for someone on our system – i.e. Call received from ________ at 3:30pm on 5/13)
    1. Access Audix (step 1 above) From the main activity menu:
    2. Enter 5
    3. Enter 5 – follow voice prompts
  4. To create a greeting: (This is the message people hear when they get your voicemail. It is recommended to have a default greeting for most of the time and a separate greeting for when you are out of town or away from the office for an extended period. You can have up to 9 recorded greetings that can be activated when needed rather than re-recording every message.)
    1. Access Audix (step 1 above) From the main activity menu:
    2. Press 3 (Audix will tell you which greeting # is active)
    3. To record greeting:
      1. Press 1
      2. Enter greeting number (recommend using 1 for default)
      3. Speak your greeting after the tone
      4. Press # to approve
      5. To activate this greeting for all calls, press 1
    4. To activate a pre-recorded greeting:
      1. From the main activity menu, press 3
      2. Press 3 again
      3. Enter greeting number (system will indicate that greeting number is active for all calls)
  5. To Get Messages: (The red light will be lit on your phone when messages are waiting for you.)
    1. Access Audix (Step 1 above) From the main activity menu: (the system will tell you how many new messages you have)
    2. Press 2 (the system will begin playing each header followed by the message. The header includes who called (if on campus) and what time)
      1. To skip the header and just hear the message, press 0
      2. To save the message and listen to the next one, press # (message will move to ‘old’ category)
      3. To save the message as new so that message light remains on, press **4
      4. To delete the message, press *3
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