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LSUA Mac OS X Wireless Setup Instructions

Published: Jun 05, 2013

1: Click on the Airport Status menu on the menu bar and then select Open Network Preferences.

2: Click on Airport on the left and then select Advanced.

3: Click on 802.1X tab and then pull down the Domain list and select User (If the Domain list is grayed out, click Disable 802.1X Login) Some versions of Mac OS X look different -- If you do not have a Domain list then skip to the next step.

4: Click the + icon in the bottom left and select Add User Profile if prompted then enter lsuasecure as the configuration name. Enter your username and password and specify lsuasecure under Wireless Network. For Authentication make sure that only PEAP is checked.

5: Click OK.

6: Click Apply.

7: Click the Airport Status menu on the menu bar and then select lsuasecure.

8: A certificate window will appear. Click Show Certificate then check the Always trust these certificates box and click Continue.

9: You may see a message asking you to save your password into your keychain. If so, click Yes.

You should now be connected to the lsuasecure network

** If your connection fails after verifying the certificate, click Turn AirPort Off from Network preferences and then click Turn AirPort On.

If you need help, call the IET Services at (318) 473-6574 or stop by IETServices,
Technology Center (TC 107) for Personal Assistance. 

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