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  • LSUA Wireless Setup for Windows XP Operating System

    Published: Jun 05, 2013

    This is a how-to-setup any Windows XP operated computers to the LSUA Wireless system.

  • Windows 7 Wireless Setup Instructions

    Published: Jun 05, 2013

    This is a how-to-setup your Windows 7 operated computers on the LSUA Wireless system.

  • Computer File Management

    Published: Mar 06, 2013

    When working with file management the first analogy to think of is that your computer is much like a filing cabinet. You wouldn’t just throw papers into a file drawer hoping to quickly locate it at a later time, so you shouldn’t just save files onto your computer’s hard drive in hopes of locating the file for future use.

  • Connect to LSUA Wireless from Windows Vista

    Published: Feb 22, 2013

    Detailed instructions on connecting to LSUA's network through secure wireless via windows vista

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